بوابة الهيئة الرئيسية   
  10 اغسطس, 2020
مكتب المساعدة     بريد الهيئة     
Themes For Scientific Session

1. Current Concepts of professional accreditation in Nursing education and Nursing Profession.

         a. Criteria’s for professional accreditation.

      b. The roles of organizations, educational institutions and regulatory bodies in
            professional accreditation.

      c. Requirements for professional accreditation.

2. Categorization and classification of professional accreditation.

        a. Categorization Of the nursing profession at National,Regional, and International

        b. Classification of the nursing personnel .

        c. Requirements for licensing.

3. Quality assurance in Nursing education and Nursing profession.

        a. Role of nurse educators , instructors, in service trainers towardsprofessional

        b. Use of technology in teaching as a requirement for professionalaccreditation.

        c. Criteria for total quality management (Administrative, clinical and research )in

        d. Strategies for development of Nurse Educators, Nursing personnel towards
             professional accreditation.

4. Importance of scientific research in professional accreditation.

        a. Role of institutions in encouraging and supporting Nurse educators and
            Nursing personnel to be involved in research projects.

        b. Role of research in performance appraisals.

5. The National, Regional and International experiences of professional Accreditation in nursing.

        a. Models of accreditation.

        b.Barriers to accreditation.


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