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  04 يونيو, 2020
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Kuwait In Brief

State of Kuwait is located at maximum the north-west of Arabian Gulf, between latitudes 28 and 30 and longitudes 46 and 48 . It is bordered to the south and south-west of Saudi Arabia, to the north and west of Iraq and bounded to the east Arabian Gulf. It covers an area of 17,817 square kilometers and a population of about 2 million people.

• Islam is the official religion of the State.

• The country's official language is Arabic, English is the second language.
• Kuwaiti dinar (K.D) is the official currency, the Kuwaiti dinar equals about 3.3.$ dollars.
• Climate : Kuwait is hot & dry in summers and cold in winter with little rain. The weather in the month of November is expected to be moderate with temperatures between 25 degrees Celsius in the daytime and 12 degrees Celsius at night.

Kuwait local time more than three hours ahead of Greenwich Time (GMT3).
• Volt in the State of Kuwait from 220 -240 volts.
• Friday and Saturday are the official weekly holidays




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